10% return on your money secured by a residential property with an established tax value usually greater than double your loan amount.

At Secure Investors Group we’ve earned a reputation for providing an investment solution to people with the insight they need to capitalize in today’s hyper-competitive investment climate.

Our proven program is the leader in the integration of interest-based investing. Based in eastern North Carolina, we purchase properties at a distressed or foreclosed price low enough that with all transaction costs the total expenditure will be lower than the quick sale price.

You hold a “First Deed of Trust” in your name with a contract from Secure Investors Group to pay you 10% per annum on the loan that you make.

  • Property Search

    Our first step is to find an active market.  Then we work with Banks, Realtors and REOs to obtain the very best purchase price on foreclosed or quick sale properties.  Each property is appraised by our own professional team. These properties are purchased at approximately 1/2 of the recorded tax value.  Our reputation tells the sellers that we react quickly and our bids are firm.


  • Issuing your interest payment

    Our intent is to make our customer’s life better.  As a result we not only have a very attractive interest rate but we also issue these payments on a quarterly basis.

    I.E. if the loan on your secured property is $60,000 dollars, you receive $1500.00 each 3 months for one year.


  • What is the Real Risk?

    Worst case scenario: If for any reason Secure Investors Group LLC should default on its payment you may foreclose on them just like the bank.  You hold a First Dead of Trust with a Promissory Note and Certificate of insurance so the property becomes yours.  Since the property has already been brought up to rental standards and is an income producing property, you may wish to own it and collect the residual from rent payments. Or you may elect to set up for a quick sale at a handsome profit.  Either way, we have done all the work and you can receive the dividends.


  • Sell/Rent Properties 

    For our current location we are looking for good rental properties.  We are equipped with our own Property Management team and Construction Crew to handle these properties in an efficient manner.  This means creating an income stream soon after the purchase.  With our high rate of rental returns we are able to pay our lenders 10% interest on a short term (12 months) loan. At the end of this contract, properties are refinanced through commercial lending institutions to reduce our interest rate. Some properties are for sale and sometimes our renters wish to convert from renting to buying.

  • To Protect our Clients

    We want our clients to “sleep well at night”. Our process for purchasing property is to determine if the cost price plus up fitting and closing along with insurance and taxes meets our formula for keeping our investment near 1/2 of the quick sale price.  We call this the gap or cost to value ratio.  This spread between the total cost and the quick sale price is your cushion of safety for your loan.


  • Is this like a REIT?

    A REIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust.  This means that your Stock if spread over a large number of properties.  They are counting on income averaging to keep their clients happy.  The problem is that you have no control over their investment and you are for all practical purposes just buying another stock.  Our process is to detail all cost of an individual property and you receive a MLS report, a local tax record and a detailed work sheet showing all cost and a projected appraised quick sale price.  This means that you are protected by a hard asset that you own.