How Secure Investment Group Manages (and Minimizes) your Risk.

With our program, you hold a “First Deed of Trust” in your name which regardless of the market and interest rate fluctuations, you hold a fixed asset that has value. Unlike a REIT or stock market investment, your asset can never be bought, traded, divided or sold without your knowledge. This ensures both short-term and consistent long-term gains through the interest generated on this property.

Our smart approach

Our renowned programs includes a proven process:

  • Search and investigate suppressed and foreclosed properties. Years of relationships contribute to the success of finding the lowest prices on the best properties that are located in desirable neighborhoods.
  • Surrounding properties and broker price opinions are used to establish values.
  • Purchase property and repair as needed for rental or sale according to the market demand. Qualified contractors are used to determine the difference between cosmetic rehab and major repairs.
  • All loans are secured by a First Deed of Trust a Promissory Note and a Certificate of Insurance for the property. The additional protection for the loan is the gap between the total finance price and the probable quick sale price.
  • Sell or rent the property at a profit
  • Issue interest payments quarterly to clients providing a secure cash flow.
  • Secure Investors Group LLC does all the work and the client re-ceives an interest payment while being protected by a hard asset which is valued greater than the loan value.