Sell/Rent Property for Profit

Once the transaction for the property has been recorded, we proceed with any repairs or updates required to increase the value for sale or rent. Our contractors are qualified, licensed and insured, and there is absolutely no risk to you.

Secure Investment Group also prepares lease/sale paperwork, and locates qualified renters and/or buyers. We maintain background checks and references for all renters, and include a thorough pre-qualification process for any potential buyer. At no cost to you, your property is marketed for occupancy by reputable people.

Our smart approach

Our renowned programs includes a proven process:

  • Search and investigate suppressed and foreclosed properties. Years of relationships contribute to the success of finding the lowest prices on the best properties that are located in desirable neighborhoods.
  • Surrounding properties and broker price opinions are used to establish values.
  • Purchase property and repair as needed for rental or sale according to the market demand. Qualified contractors are used to determine the difference between cosmetic rehab and major repairs.
  • All loans are secured by a First Deed of Trust a Promissory Note and a Certificate of Insurance for the property. The additional protection for the loan is the gap between the total finance price and the probable quick sale price.
  • Sell or rent the property at a profit
  • Issue interest payments quarterly to clients providing a secure cash flow.
  • Secure Investors Group LLC does all the work and the client re-ceives an interest payment while being protected by a hard asset which is valued greater than the loan value.